Shadow stains on a mesh even with dynamic lights

This is really weird. I know it’s not a baking issue cause I’m not using static lights. It also happens in the mesh viewer.

The mesh distance field isn’t accurate, try increasing the distance field resolution scale in increments of .2 (1.2, 1.4, etc.) until it goes away

Strange. I went to play with your suggestion and the problem fixed itself… And then I re-imported the mesh because I made a slight change, and the issue is back. Very odd.
Curious, why increments of 0.2 instead of .0.1 or any other amount? The reason I ask is it seems 1.1 is enough to fix it.

You can use whatever increment you want, I only suggested 0.2 because I find 1.2 almost always works.

Cool. Thanks. Wasn’t sure if it would cause a performance issue at higher numbers so I thought it might be better to go with the lowest possible number that fixes the issue :slight_smile: