Shadow sharp up close blurry further away

So as you can see in the screenshots below the sharpness of the shadows vary greatly depending how far the player is from the wall. Is there any way to have the shadow as sharp even if I am on the other side of the room?


I believe there’s a console command to achieve that, though I don’t remember which. This may point you in the right direction - Shadow quality problem in the distance - UE4 AnswerHub

What you are looking for are Cascaded Shadow Maps.
A Directional Stationary Light has a setting for the CSM


I’m using cascaded shadow maps already and as you can see its really detailed close up but as soon as you go back about 10 feet it becomes very noticeably blurred.


Yeah, that’s the point of CSM. You need to fiddle around with the settings until you have the desired result.

I’ve tried every possible combination it still gets blurry when you move a few feet away from the shadow. Almost like there is a LOD for the shadow somewhere but I can’t find the setting anywhere. Believe me I have played around with the dynamic shadow distance moveable light, Num Dynamic shadow cascades, distribution exponent, transition fraction, distance fadeout fraction, far shadow cascade count and the far shadow distance. No combination of those settings clears the blurriness you get about 9 feet away.