Shadow resolution doenst match lightmap density

At first picture there are pixelated low resolution shadows, but they arent suppose to look like this, I want clean hi-res shadows. All my lights and meshes are set to static. Lightmap density looks completly fine (its in green and its way smaller than those jaggy edges of these shadows) I tried disabling lightmap compression, but it doesnt seem to help.
I have static lighting level scale set to 1, and I am using volumetric map

No, thats not the case, if you check the documentation: View Modes | Unreal Engine Documentation It says that green means ideal color, and by the way, pixels in my shadow map are bigger that those green squares which means, that shadows are even lower res than they should be with this shadowmap density. But thank you for your time.

Thank you Ill try, Im sorry for being rude.

It’s the lightmap res of your floor that is the problem. Green means really low density, if you want good shadows, you have to increase the lightmap size on your floor :slight_smile:

I know how it works. Green means almost no density. Try it. Increase the lightmap density on the floor and bake…

( your chairs have a higher density than the floor, that’s why they’re pink ).

EDIT: Beg your pardon, pink is selected. But increasing your floor density will solve the problem.

Hey mate, Idont want to be rude, but it seem like you absolutely dont understand the problem. Im using 4096x4096, I cant go higher, I can split my mesh to smaller pieces, but that basicaly means I have to remodel it.BTW Green means IDEAL texel density. Blue means LOW texel density. My friend Im not idiot, and I know that pink color just means that one specific mesh is selected.
If Im still wrong I apologize, but my problem isnt low texel density, my problem is, that my shadow map is not matching texel density. read this: View Modes | Unreal Engine Documentation

Sorry. Not meaning to cause offence.

You are right, and I have read it.

All I’m saying is that green can be a little misleading. For instance, if you open the first person example map, the walls are green, whereas they are actually just a cube that has been hideously stretched out of shape.

So the algorithm it not always reliable.

Now that you tell me your floor res, I can see it’s already very high. It might be worth sticking another smaller mesh under there with good resolution, too see if resolution is the problem. It does look like it.

That can be a problem with large meshes.

Absolutely no worries. Having a bad day at this end and I totally misread the problem.

I wanna know what the answer is too now :slight_smile:

I’m assuming your setup is static / statonary, point / spots?

I’m noticing a lot of lights, well the meshes anyway, and it’s very bright.

Could it just be lots of shadows competing for texture space?

What happens if you take one chair, one light and the floor mesh off to one side and build it? Is it any good?

So I splited that building into smaller parts and aply high res texture, but it seems like those shadow are barerly visible, sometimes even invissible. these tables dont have shadow at all

I tried your adwise and rebuilded it w only one chair and one light, and it looked just as horrible as with all chairs and lights. So I did some experimenting and changed my light sources - Ive tweaked emissive shadows ON, so I could delete lots of those light sources. I rebuilded it with only one light source per light bulb and it looked much better, but shadows still werent there. There were just ugly artefacts on all of the tables. I didnt know what to do, so Ive just changed their lightmap res, and suddenly Unreal has loaded all the shadows into sceen. It was kind a wierd, but Im glad its working now. Thnx for your help, and your time.

Bizzare, glad it’s working. Yes, sometimes the engine can be a bit buggy like that with light…