Shadow quality with varying distance


Stuck on a detail: How do I avoid shadows jumping from fairly sharp and accurate to more fuzzy as I move away from the casting object in VR Preview?

Background: I’d like to get some realistic looking shadows being cast from some balcony doors which have a slim lattice framework between the glass panes (see screenshot).

For the most part I am happy with what I achieved so far, only when I move further away from the objects in VR the shadows become more and more fuzzy. How can I avoid this effect?

I have looked through the ‘VR best practices’

and applied the suggested dynamic directional light and cascaded shadow maps approach, which helps with the general performance but leaves me with that shadow problem. I tried various settings which I thought might make a difference, but as I said, no luck and I am stuck.

Thanks, guys!

I figured out the controls to drive this. It’s so easy when you know which buttons to press but so hard when you don’t.

It’s all just a matter of setting the Distance Field Shadows and Cascaded Shadow Maps right:

HOWEVER: My initial aim of getting realistic shadows from those doors is still there. In order to get good, sharp shadows I understand that I need to use dynamic lighting. This in turn is very expensive in VR and will cause a drop in the frame rate or lost frames. So in order to have a smooth performance as far as I understand, at this stage I can not expect to have sharp, detailed shadows.

In case anyone has got knowledge of how this can be achieved after all I’d be very happy to hear about it.