Shadow quality in the shade

Please see pictures. On left, shadow looks good in sunlight. On right, he steps under a canopy (just a plane) and shadow becomes very faint and blobby, except for his arm which is still in the sun.

Is it possible to make the ‘shade’ shadows better? If so, what do I need to change? Thanks.

The player shadow is the same level of darkness as the shadow from the plane, meaning the player’s shadow won’t appear in the shade.
If you want to change the level of darkness of all shaded areas, you should go to the Sky Light and set the intensity.

The soft shadows serve to ground the character in indirectly lit areas and give soft shadows in directly lit areas.

Ok I tried implementing both those methods and all I get are 2 ugly blobs under his feet. See pic below. Is there a way to improve this? I have Build lighting set to high, and under Lighting Info I tried increasing Resolution Adjustments to Min. 256 but nothing I try improves them.

Is this the best it gets? It actually looks better in the pic then when the character moves around.

I’ve never used this before, so I don’t know how to improve it. But you can try to recreate exactly what they did in the quick start tutorial and maybe that will help you.

Edit: Actually, I think your image is actually correct. Since indirect light is coming from all directions, the shadows are going to be soft, not hard. It looks similar to the sample images on the documentation:

If you want a more defined shadow, you need to have indirect light only come from one direction:

Ok thx, will tinker around with that…