Shadow Problems

Hey guys,

Iv been fighting with bad shadows for the last 5 hours and am no closer to fixing this.

These are the same mesh next to each other but for some reason one is much darker then the other, this sometimes happens and sometimes if fine, its very strange. I am using full dynamic lighting, here are my settings


The results I get when I switch to static are slimier sometimes worse.

Any help would be amazing thanks guys!

Why do you need Lightmass settings, if you are using fully dynamic lighting? Thing is, if you bake lighting and those two meshes are movable, then they are treated like a character would, for example. Meaning they are using light probes from lightmass to approximate lighting.

If you are baking, however, then try to bake on Production quality once. I’ve seen this happening with modular meshes when lightmap resolution is not high enough.

If you are baking lighting this is something that will happen, separate meshes are baked on different threads so things like lightmap smoothing will affect each mesh differently. In your case the meshes are very simple so there’s no benefit by constructing a larger shape with multiple simple objects, you can make a long section by scaling a single piece or even build the entire thing as a unique single mesh. Either way will give you better results and any increase in memory use is so small it won’t affect anything.