shadow problem

Guys, I put a column static mesh that i just created and add some texture, and then I build the lighting, there is some dark shadow in some place. There is no error when I build the lighting. please tell me whats wrong, thank you very much.

PS1: When I change the material with the one from starter content, and I rebuilding the light, it gives same result. So the problem looks like from the mesh itself, but I don’t know whats wrong.

PS2: I use 3ds max 2013 to create the column, and export to fbx.

There is a setting when you import models that ether allows you to import normals, or calculate normals for the mesh. Try using the calculate normals setting when you import.

Thank you very much, calculate normals eliminate almost all the dark spot, right now its only in the curve at the bottom and the top of the column.


I’m really sorry guys, actually the problem is the uv layout. I spent few hours to make the uv as neat as possible, and now the problem was gone completely. thank you very much.