Shadow Problem

Just like the picture , there is a floor , a pillar , a directional light in the level , UE 4.9.1 , product quality.


The floor and pillar come from StarterContene/Architecture. The floor’s lightmap Res is overrided to 256. the light’s rotation is 0,-16,-100.
The shadow on the edge of the pillar (in the red circle) seems wired to me.And the shadow on the floor (in the yellow circle) seems too blurry.
Dose anyone know how to fix these?Or they aren’t problems? Thanks.

Are these baked? If they are baked, try increasing their Lightmap resolution.

Sorry,I’m not an artist.Do you mean “cook content for windows” in the “file” menu or some operations in 3D software ?
But I did build lighting with product quality.All art resources this simple level using come form StarterContent, I only set the floor’s “Overridden Light Map Res” to 256.

Sorry, by “baked” I meant “Built” in Unreal Engine Terms. a10a39f70c.jpg

Oh,I see. I have built lighting.
Have you had this problem with other art resources before? If other art resources is OK , I guess the problem is with resources that Epic offered in StartContent.

You’ll need to tweak the Lightmap resolution it can sometimes take a little tweaking to find the right balance between quality and resolution./

Thank you!
I followed you and set the pillar’s Lightmap ressolution to 512, the shadow looked normal.
As to the floor,I set the “Light Source Angle” of the directional light to 0.5,the shadow became much sharper(I tried 0.00001,but it’s too sharp).I thought the default value(which is 1) of this var is good enough for most of circumstances.