Shadow on pinetree;base64
​​Hi! I’m trying to make first steps into modelling, so I,ve got this dumb question: why, in the blue hell, my pine is more darker than other trees?
I,ve made models in Blender, then expoted them to fbx.
On model view all trees are normal. Them all shares two simple materials.

Blender view:


Link to project: lowpolytrees — Yandex.Disk

Nope, all faces are blue =(

I didn’t do the UV stuff at all. Just mesh and basic material.

If, I get close enough to the pine, and look at it at right angle, then it becomes normal… Maybe it is exposure settings doing this… But why with pine only…

Thanks for you help anyway=)

Your guess was right=) After I fix UV the problem have gone Thanks a lot!