Shadow maps - Is there a way to just use "preview shadows"? It does exactly what I need!

After some debugging with the performance monitor, I found out that my endemic random FPS problems have to do with Virtual Shadow Maps.

Changing the setting to Shadow Maps fixes it, but results in a runtime warning that thousands of objects need to have their lighting rebuilt - not a surprise, because those objects are procedurally spawned at runtime. It still manages to generate shadows regardless, but they have the text “Preview” stamped all over them.

This is a stylised indie game, so I’m not overly interested in having extragalactic shadows at the cost of randomly dropping to 2 FPS for no reason. I’m actually perfectly fine with the preview shadows, other than them having the text “Preview” on them (but I can change the material) and the warning about lighting.

Can I just literally leave it like that and ignore the warning? Is there a way to make the warning go away? What am I actually supposed to do with procgen objects that can’t have lighting baked in advance, other than using Virtual Shadow Maps?

If you have messages about building light, it means that some, if not all, of the lights in your scene are stationary. Just change them to moveable.

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