Shadow Issues...

Hey guys I am having a problem with the shadows being cast from my character. 31bc2880b01a1ab94e2f7ca742f0c34236eb2ea2.jpeg

Only parts of the shadow are rendering and if I rotate the mesh…


It appears that different parts of the shadow can be cast but it is “cut off” and only cast withing a square shape… Meaning the hands can cast a shadow if it falls withing the square…

Anyone know what’s going on?

What does the physics asset of that skeletal mesh look like?

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I guess it’s just whatever defaults there are when importing it from an FBX then dragging the mesh into the scene. I found that increasing the dynamic shadow range from 0 in my directional light seems to fix this problem for now. But I still find the original situation a bit odd…

Type in r.shadows in the console and test out all the settings but what i would look at first is the shadow distance, shadow bias and number of dynamic shadow cascades.

I don’t think it has to do with the actual shadow settings itself because the unreal mannequin looks fine…


Sorry for not understanding your question earlier Jacky! I didn’t know the physical asset was a separate feature with the engine. I’m porting my game over from Unity so there are a lot of neat features I am still learning.

Anyway, the physical asset looks like hell… lol.


I just discovered that this was a feature and will be reading the documentation on it, but how can it impact the shadow?

Also does anyone have any quick fixes to the awful way the physical asset is set up? It looks like it tried to set it up automatically and failed… I blame my mesh, haha.

AHA! adding bodies to the physical asset does fix the shadows! Now I just need to learn how to set it up properly! Thanks!

No problem! This series should help you out: Introduction to the Physics Assets Tool (PhAT) | v4.2 | Unreal Engine - YouTube