Shadow catcher, possible ? Oo

Hey bluearc,
thanks for your input. Well I get some results with that technique. But because I have to do the SceneCapture two times per tick for two RenderTargets, this will impact the performance for my highpoly model even more. And as far as i understand it, I have to change all Materials from my normal one to a grey one (and back) per tick. I think it is easier and faster to hide the model… Or to use the Cliplane.

Hey Ryan, I just wanted to check, if there are any news about a faster shadow catcher setup. Maybe the ARKit got a material/technique to create the shadows more efficient? (Also as far as i know it uses forward rendering…)

Hey SebaSopp. Shadow catchers or casters are working fine with composure pipeline.

afaik the composure plugin only allows to create composting inside the Editor. And there you can render out videos or pics. My project has to be a stand alone application…

This should not be a chore

Can you go into detail with any of these, Ryan? I tried doing the owner only see, but then it hid the shadow too. :slight_smile:

Could you tell more in detail about this, sir?

Hey guys, so did anyone find a simple solution to do the shadowcatcher?

Has there been any progress on a workable shadow catcher solution at all. Has Epic not implemented this yet as a Material/Plugin/ or BP?