Shadow Cascades and Shadow LOD...

Would it be possible to change where shadows cascade from?. It obviously works from the camera but in my game, a side scroller, the camera is not the center of attention like in FPS, and even with a 3rdp game, this is not really a problem since the camera is so close to the player, but for my game I would like to tighten the cascades with the player being the mid point, rather than the camera. Just wonder if something like that is even technically possible or not.

Also, is there a way to push back shadow detail so the higher detail shadow draws further away from camera?. The shadow lod as it were seems to be locked somewhere, regardless of cascades. I can’t seem to get sharper shadows further away no matter what settings I try. So basically, the same problem. Because my camera is pretty far back, the shadow detail is only high in the very foreground and quickly become low res from the lod. The result is that I get some pops right in view and with smaller models the shadow disappear fairly close to camera which is bad looking.

Sharpening the shadow can lift resolution . The further it is from the camera the higher resolution the shadow will be , because there’re more pixels in frustum you can use to draw shadows .
Decreasing Dynamic Shadow Distance Movable helps tightening it .This would release pixels to draw more detailed shadows in a smaller area. Each box has its limited resolution . I don’t know why but it’s real .
Yes shadow reso is limited . You can modify some codes to change it . You can find the relative post on Google . There is one . And ‘Regardless of Cascades’ is not real . Cascades defines resolution . You can increase Num to get better far scene resolution . It compresses the last box’s space so more pixels are released to draw on …
You are working on a side scroller . Sadly you can’t change the ‘mid point’/‘center’ of CSM . Because they’re rendered based on your frustum . I understand your post as you’re trying to draw more detailed shadow around the player . But that’s impossible . You will have to come up with another shadow mapping technique for it .