Shadow Banding

I haven’t done much lighting in the last few builds, but I started on a new scene this week and I noticed some weird blotching on my bakes (it’s subtle, but there, but I only have on directional light in the scene coming in through a window so it wasn’t obvious what was going on). I thought it was maybe lightmap res but I cranked that stuff up and it was looking identical. I went ahead and made a new scene with two props and a directional light. Even though the platform the prop is on is using a 512 lightmap it has this really strange banding going on (and it seems like the higher up I go on the lightmap, the more banding it gets). I have never seen this before. Usually drag/drop lights cast decent shadows. For grins I checked the “Area Shadows” options and I the results were as I would expect (the pixelation/banding on limited by the lightmap resolution).

So, anyone know what’s going on here? It’s probably something stupid that I am doing wrong, but I haven’t had much time to explore the 4.14 update yet.

BANDING SHADOWS (standard light dropped in)

After area shadows checked (no other changes)

Any help would be appreciated. Haven’t had much luck finding this specific issue online.


Do you have a lightmass importance volume in the scene? What’s the scale of the assets?

Yes I have the importance volume. And the the piece the letters are sitting on is a little stool, they are both world-accurate to scale with the player.


are you rendering at Production quality?

Have tried production, same results.

I’ve been getting the exact same problem with 4.14. Did you or anyone find a solution to this hideous issue?