Shadow and Lighting Scale.


Currently working with ARKit and running into some issues with lighting/reflections/shadows. Working at a very small scale (not sure of a way around this while working in AR), and thus my shadows are very soft, and reflections not really working right either.

Is there a way I can change the scale of the shadows and or lighting overall? For example in Ray-traced renderers such as vray you would change the shadow bias which would push and pull the shadow away from the object. Is there anything like this in UE4?

Thank you!

You may want to go through this reference:

It contains many useful tips and pointers to what could be causing your issues.

Thanks so much for sharing this guide. Running through it now. Will report back with any specific things that helped in my situation for any people facing similar issues :slight_smile:

Hello all,

Turns out there is a variable for “static lighting level scale.” Tweaking this value helped me a ton!

Hi, i am having a similar issue but i have it with dynamic lights, i am showing a house in AR but at a small scale and then i have so bands or strips in the shadows so we cant use dynamic shadows, is there a way to set the world scale of the scene for the dynamic lights and shadows? Thanks!