shading using vertex normal rather than face normals?


I am importing my mesh from Houdini .fbx.

I think my UE 4.8 editor shade the geo with face normal in default. Would it be possible to use vertex normal to make the shading to be more smoother?

Where do I find the option for it?

What are your import settings like? Are you using the original normals or are they being recalculated by Unreal upon import? That would be my first guess, but I don’t have much info to go off.

Make sure your import settings are set to “Import Normals” from the geo. Also I’d suggest to promote your normal attributes from Vertex to Point which will take the average of each vertex normal.

I’m a bit rusty on this. Vertex is more on dealing with the construction of points. If a point has 4 edges to it (or 4 polygons connected), each point will have 4x the attribute. When you shift from one polygon to the next, it’ll create a hard edge since it’ll all of the sudden be dealing with a new normal. If you create point-based normals, each polygon should average with the adjacent polygon. Essentially, the point normal is shared with the adjacent polygons.

I think that’s the proper explanation. Should probably read up on it :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to respond here or PM me if you need any help on dealing with attributes!