shaders compile every time start

can someone tell me why my project compiles shaders every single time i start my project??

i save it after it finishes compiling. then next time i open it again, it compiles again.

what i mean is every time i open the project. not play it

maybe there’s something wrong with your derived data cache. I would check and make sure it is being saved to a writable hard disk location, more info here:

hey i fixed this. i changed a material on my player, the engine had it as the grass material. doesnt compile any more. thanks! :wink:

I had the same issue and here was what my solution was. I had duplicates of the same material from editing meshes on export and re import. I had placed the duplicates in the same folders and I guess the file path name was too long or something so the reference wasn’t saved properly or something. I replaced all the references to the duplicates with just the original which I placed in a top level folder and then the compile stopped happening. I’m not a fan of how short the path names have to be in UE4 because it keeps me from organizing with folders as specifically as I like.