ShaderCompileWorker's temp directory is set in "Windows" folder not in "User" folder

Whenever I start to package my project, the ShaderCompileWorker’s working directory (the folder name is ‘UnrealXGEWorkingDir’ is set in Windows folder while cooking step.
That’s fine if I package it by myself alone, but the problem is that I’m using Incredibuild program to build faster.
Other helper computers cannot help because of the Windows folder access authorization, and it stucks there for hours.

And it happens to a one specific computer.
The message from incredibuild is like this.

--------------------Build System Warning (ShaderCompileWorker: )---------------
Configuration ‘’
Attempt to write file to a system directory was blocked:
Command: ShaderCompileWorker:
Attempt to write file to a windows or a system directory was blocked: C:\Windows\Temp\UnrealXGEWorkingDir\F5E067D34EEB8E51113EF5AB9E392CBA\46-xge.out

The hundreds messages like this are stacking up whenever I try to package my project.
I searched some issues about UnrealXGEWorkingDir but all of them are set in “User” folder.

Is there a way to set UnrealXGEWorkingDir folder path by myself? like environment variable, whatever.
And why is it happening?

I checked my environment variable setting.
“TEMP” and “TMP” path is in user\AppData\Local\Temp in user variable, and Windows\TEMP in system variable.
But why does it choose the system variable in this computer?

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