Shader quality.

Hi all.

I wasn’t sure where to post this. I’m very new to Unreal, and although I’ve been a 3D modeler for a longer time than I’d care to admit it’s all high res work. I’m getting into Unreal as it is more fun, and I want to build for VR and AR. I’ve been playing with the free megascans objects and shaders, and while impressive the quality is not as good as I would expect. I can share screenshots later if it would help. The PC I’m using for early Unreal tests (I normally work on Macs) has an AMD 7950 card in it, and I wonder if this is a limitation of the card rather than the objects and shaders?

I’m using overly high resolution objects for my initial tests, and 4K JPEGs. I seem to be getting high FPS.

Any thoughts?