Shader/Material tutorials


I wonder where you guys learned to use shaders/materials. Especially in Unreal. Can’t find too many tutorials on it. neither free or to buy. I’m using Substance Designer a lot, but would like to make better use of my textures in Unreal.

Liked this one but its 3 years old.

I’ve been through the “introductions to materials” vids on youtube. I’m looking for something more advanced than that. I have no problem buying tutorials if they are good.

Any one got any suggestions?

-learning by doing
-the unreal engine documentation is a good place to learn how to create good materials
-take a look at some of the examples on the marketplace
-here you can also get some good examples how to create good looking materials: – The Solus Project :slight_smile: has some good tuts. $45 a month but they also give you all the assets and project files to pick apart on your own as well.