Shader keep compiling.

Somehow our editor keep re-compiling a number of shaders every time it is open.
Worst yet, those shaders seem to be missing in our final built game.

Did we do something wrong here? Out thx in advance…

Hi KillerPenguin,

Have you updated to the recent 4.1.1 build that was released on Monday 5/12?
The release notes can be found HERE.

If you haven’t updated you’ll want to make sure to do that as this hotfix took care of that issue. In your Launcher you’ll see the option under the Launch Button that will say “Update Install.” When you click this it will go ahead and start the download to update the 4.1.0 build. After the installation you’re Launcher will say “Unreal Engine 4.1.1”

As for the shaders missing from your final game. Are you waiting for the shaders to finish compiling before launching the game? If not they won’t be there or look like the final result you want as they are not fully compiled.

Let me know what’s going on and I’ll do what I can to help you out!



Yeah, how do I wait for the shaders to finish compiling before launching the game? I couldn’t really find reference on this anywhere.
All I found was GetMoviePlayer()->IsLoadingFinished() from Shooter demo… :confused:

Hi KillerPenguin,

Which version of the engine are you on? 4.0.2, 4.1.0 or the new 4.1.1. The reason I need to know this is because we had a shader compile issue with 4.1.0 that would re-compile shaders a lot. If you are on this engine build it could be causing your issues with the shaders continually re-compiling. If you update to the latest engine build 4.1.1 this has resolved that issue.

As for waiting for the shaders to compile, you simply have to wait. In the bottom right of the screen it will list that shaders are compiling and in parenthesis will list a number of how many shaders are compiling.

If you launch the game it will play, but without the shaders being compiled there will be missing textures it will affect anything using a material. As they compile they will pop in and the material will look as it should.

If you’re having trouble beyond the things I’ve suggested please take some screen shots and post to see if I can help you figure this out further.



4.1.1 Mostly apex and terrain shaders…

Are you able to provide any screenshots of your materials or possibly upload a video of this happening and how you can replicate it?

I’ve toyed around with the terrain compiling but haven’t gotten anything out of the ordinary with how the shaders need to compile.



Well here’s a cropped image, I hope you can see what’s going on. The apex cloth on some characters stop compiling once the game starts and leave it grey out. This doesn’t happens in editor though.


What I don’t get is why shaders need to be recompile every time the game is started. Shouldn’t this be precompiled in the editor?

ps. I had another topic on waiting for the shader to finish compiling before the game start though. Would be great if you could help me clear this up too ->