Shader instruction count - Reasonable values for ground materials

Hi guys&girls

I’ve never done this before, can you give me a estimate for a reasonable instruction count for ground material (not landscape, i’m going full procedural), doing some blends by height and vertex color (slope etc). At the moment i’m at this:

Base pass shader: 324 instructions
Base pass shader with Volumetric Lightmap: 436 instructions
Base pass vertex shader: 40 instructions
Base pass vertex shader: 148 instructions
Texture samplers: 9/16
Texture Lookups (Est.): VS(0), PS(43)
User interpolators: 2/4 Scalars (1/4 Vectors) (TexCoords: 2, Custom: 0)

Since i only own one graphics card (a RX 580), it’s hard for me to estimate impacts on other (older) cards. I’m targeting mid to upper ranged gfx cards.

Are there some guidelines on how to guess/calculate the workload on other cards? Derive them from their shader specs? I know it will be not very exact, but a rough guess is better than mine, which is pure guessing…

With what instruction counts do you work with?