Shader glow real time

hi all, can some one sad, how it creating ??

creator of shaderforge dont show this shader even for unity community)

Unfortunately, Emissive lighting is not supported in Unreal Engine 4. I hope Epic is working on it.

i interesting only shader effects


Mb u know where i can read more information about UE 4 shader noods ?

P.S. i dont need shader forge, i interesting only shader effects, but u sade ue4 not supported Emissive Lighting yet, will w8 )

1.5 - Emissive | Unreal Engine Documentation )))) go to testing

That effect simulates a spherical area light with a shader, however UE4 already supports spherical area lights natively. Just create a point light and increase the radius to get that effect.

dont understud, can u show me ?

At the moment, light radius doesn’t have any effect in Lightmass (I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to) as it’s disabled for some reason, I think due to the massive increase in build times. It’s also not dynamic either as shown in the video linked above.

Error SM_MatPreviewMesh_01 Object has wrapping UVs.
Error SM_MatPreviewMesh_01 Object has overlapping UVs.
Info SM_MatPreviewMesh_01 Lightmap UV are overlapping by 75.4%. Please adjust content - Enable Error Coloring to visualize.

dont undetstud … why error ?

You need another UV channel for lightmap UV’s. (I’m seeing this question FAR too often)

tree glow

tree floor


hm … some thing wrong

Take a look at this video: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: 2nd UV Channel (english) - YouTube As TheJamsh said, you need a 2nd uv channel with a proper lightmap

From what I understand, it means that UE4 point light is still a POINT light whenever you increase its radius or length, there is only a reflection trick that makes it LOOK like an area light, isn’t it? *I remember smth like ‘a representative point’ term used to describe the effect (or what it smth else, I’m not sure about it). :rolleyes:

I may be wrong here, too, but does this have smth to do with screen-space reflections? Like, say it depends on camera position on-scene and reflection quality is actually changing according to it. Just a guess, if only I recall it right.

It is doable with dynamic lights. It is also possible with lightmass . All you need to do is to set Min. Roughness to 1 and disable inverse square falloff in the light properties.

can u show sreenshot ?

Make an emissive material, apply it to a sphere and put a point light inside of it. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can even make a blueprint like that where you can set the color, intensity, size of the light depending on the sphere.

inside sphere ??? second light ???

but why i have this artifact ???

Here is a very basic setup i did for you. Please download and check it out.

thanks, but why i have artifact in here ???

UE4 can’t seem to do reflections properly.