Shader creation Skin question

Hi! i was wondering how to go about making a pixar style skin shader for unreal 4?

and also how to create a shader for icecream

they are not your typical shaders used in games, and so ive never even attempted them, they need to look vibrant and tasty, and so i cannot rely on the textures alone.

You will want to experiment with the subsurface lighting model.

For SSS, The material opacity input is like the transmission factor of light through the surface. You can encode thickness information there, or do it in the SSS color.

Thanks Ryan, im going to have to learn more about SSS since Ive only ever used it in max/vray, it it possible to use sss shaders on mobile platform? if so what is the performance cost? will i be able to use it on most materials across the map?

Thank you! This was not obvious, and I was wondering where to plug maps for thickness!