Shader Complexity viewmode showing odd results


I’m helping a mate out with a project that I’m mostly unfamiliar with and I’m seeing some weird results when looking into graphical performance hitches. As part of diagnosing this, I made a new Default level (so just a box/DefaultMaterial) and the shader complexity looks like it’s being reported incorrectly - even a basic mat with a colour and a couple of constants hooked up (no textures at all) is reporting as overly complex. A similar scene in a different project looks as expected, very cheap.

I’m wondering what else could be affecting shader complexity since the numbers all look fine (~500 instructions SM5), maybe there’s some buried project setting that might be throwing everything out of whack? I could do with establishing if something has gone awry deeper in the project or if the complexity is just being reported incorrectly.


Thanks for the suggestion, but no joy.

I’ve migrated a level to a fresh project in a standard 4.20 Epic build and I’m seeing some weird stuff in the material stats too when comparing numbers, which is in-line with what the Shader Complexity view is telling me. Very odd.