Shader Complexity view mode different between deferred and forward renderer

I tried to figure out why the shader complexity of my test scene was mostly red until I changed back to the default renderer.

The two images show the same scene without any changes to the materials.
Is this a bug or do basic materials have a higher instruction count with forward shading enabled?



I have the same issue. I would like to know an answer to this as well.

I haven’t looked at how shader complexity view shader is working, but I would assume that it is either not fully functional for forward mode, or it is accumulating complexity for multiple lights. You can rule out the latter one by changing lighting setup in the scene.

There is only one directional light in the scene. I tried it with three and saw no difference.
I guess its just not optimized for forward shading. I Hope we get a fix for that with the final 4.14

Hi Congaz2,

This is expected behavior. You can read Daniel’s response here on the forums: Test the Forward Renderer in your PC VR projects with the 4.14 Preview - XR Development - Epic Developer Community Forums

Shader complexity is expected to
increase because more of the lighting
operations are done in the base pass
shader. Lights didn’t contribute to
shader complexity in the deferred
renderer, now those are in the base
pass shader.
Shader complexity is useful for
comparing between materials within
forward, but not useful for comparing
deferred vs forward. Use ProfileGPU
for that.