Shader Complexity mode shows checkers in place of trees and other foliage?

How can I fix this and actually see what’s happening?

thats normal on trasparent stuff / why are your trees transparent? Or are they masked?
I think it shows that way on masked too…

Instead of shader complexity visualize the overdraw

they’re masked, and overdraw shows the same checkers

This is in the new marketplace Park demo right? I noticed this too, I tried checking for trees overdraw and it wouldnt display.

Engine version?
also, it could be something like an early z pass setting potentially. It shouldn’t but it might.
Some times through different versions various view modes get screwy/bugged.
it was happening for depthfields not too long ago.
after that for labdscapes debug…

If you can’t reproduce it in your own project you may want to file a bug report. At worse they tell you how to visualize it and you feel a lil silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The checkerboard pattern will appear while the shaders are recompiling for the viewmode. That project is pretty heavy, so it can take awhile depending on your PC specs.

It should say they are compling though, right?

4.25.1, early z-pass didn’t change it, it looks the same with it on and off

I have this happen to my materials when I set the roughness to 1.0 but dont have a normal map. If i do have a normal map it shows up green. Must be some sort of bug. I can go into the material and see its stats and there is definitely shader complexity. Im usuing 4.26.2