Shader complexity drasticaly increased ingame...

Hey guys, I’va noticed something that bugs me.

It’s the same as in this photo.

When I’m in “work mode” my shader complexity seems very low (almost everything is green), but when I play, it become much more complex (everything is red or white!)…

Here are my questions :

1/ is it normal to have such a difference?
2/ how can I decrease the in game complexity?


It’s possible that you have post-processing settings in the camera used for play mode that are different than the settings in post process volumes on your level (if you have any). Camera-based settings are only ever shown when viewing the game through them, so you can’t normally see them on the editor.

Ok, thanks for the advice…

Must be something with the post process indeed.

Here is the screen in viewport. with exposure at log+1.

Here is in game with my post process settings. (just the exposure bias to 1)

And then when I disable my post process settings

Now it seem a bit better, but I can adjust mybrightness to have the bright levels I want.
The thing is that the red zone is a very very dark area, I don’t see what it is and why so red.


Wait a second… I think I know what is going on. I saw a similar bug in UE 4.19 this week where the post process exposure was being applied on top of debug view modes. In our case, it was affecting the WorldNormals view mode. So, the shader complexity is not really changing: the values used to display it are being increased/decreased by the exposure PP.