Shader compilation even more resource intensive than UE4

Is anyone else noticing shader compilation even more intensive than it was on Unreal Engine 4?
For instance, if I fresh install UE4, and open an old project so it has quite a few shaders to compile, I can do other stuff on my PC while it’s working with no issues.

With Unreal Engine 5, my PC stutters and almost comes to a grinding halt when it’s compiling shaders. I’m lucky if I can even move my cursor sometimes during this process. I am on a Threadripper 3970X with 256 GB of RAM, so it’s kind of strange that it behaves like this.

Yup. I would call shader compilation in UE4/5 a crime against humanity. Just for the past few days UE5 has compiled more than 200,000 shaders despite the fact that my projects have only about 100 shaders and trashed my system SSD writing more than 30GB of useless data. I spent the most of my time with UE5 waiting for shader to compile or recompile because every change triggers recompilation.

Shaders are not materials

Nobody said shaders were materials. I know materials =! shaders, but when you make a material, it creates a shader using the material template shader, and making changes in your material causes the shaders created for the material to recompile. Fresh installing an engine, or deleting the engine/projects DDC also causes shader compilation. Changing something in one of the engines shaders also calls a full recompilation. Nobody said they were materials, we said compiling shaders is more intensive than it was on UE4. You can gauge roughly how many shaders your projects materials generate with a little digging around.

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I mentioned that in a question during the UE5 stream. I stated it in question form asking why the CPU goes to 100% with repeated shader compiles with 0% usage of the GPU for assistance. Maybe they can fix it so the engine can check for a UE4 shader and upgrade it or use the GPU resources and RAM to assist compiles.

i7 7700, EVGA 3080, 64GB DDR4, NVME, and SSD in use.
I do not have this issue.
I can continue to run the Dolphin emulator at 4K+ resolution with texture filtering while my CPU is at 100% and shaders are compiling. I’m getting 60fps in the emulator. I can play Youtube, work in VS2019, Maya, 3DSMax, etc. Shader compilation doesn’t impact my system performance at all.

I agree, that shader compilation takes way too long, but I doubt there is much they can do about it. This has been a complaint for a long time that they never addressed, and I’m sure they’re aware of it.
It is incredibly frustrating though.

It does surprise me that @redlinejoe doesn’t have issues though, that’s a 4-core cpu, and my understanding is that shader compilation times are based on CPU speed, not GPU or anything else.
I’m wondering if that was a typo though, you do realize that a 3080 is severely handicapped by that cpu, but that’s off-topic.

My PC straight crashes here and I have better specs then a ton of people I see using UE5 on here and no one has said anything yet :confused: