100% CPU on Launch (Crashes)

I am trying to follow the quickstart guide videos and i downloaded the project with the provided code but I can’t openany projecs bc it crashes my desktop moments later. All of my cores go straight to 100% and my cpu hit 83c. Usually during compiling of shaders but sometimes I get through and it still crashes. What gives?

Zotac 1080Ti Extreme Core Edition
Intel i7 7700k
16GB Trident Royal RGB Gold
ASUS Z270E Mobo
32GB intel Optane
Adata XPG RGB 256GB m.2 nvme (where the software is installed. Still almost half free space)
6TB Gold Western Digital HDD
Seasonic PRIME 850w Gold
Deepcool RGB Captain AIO Cooler

UE5 is intended to on all cores Visual Studio 2019 will build using all my 12 cores. When packaging the project for Windows 10 and cooking the content. Then often my 16GB is not enough. UE50EA needs 1.5 GB memory for each thread. UE5 auto tunes to get the performance on UE4 4 core build took 80 minutes now with UE5 and 12 core its under 20 minutes. Basically you cannot use the PC whilst building the shaders, but everything runs in the background.
I have increased my Windows 10 page file /system file to 16GB in Advanced Control Panel to fix the compiler out of heap errors if that is any use to you

It won’t let me edit my post anymore but this is how it should read:

I am trying to open a new project but I can’t open any projects bc it crashes my desktop moments later. All of my cores go straight to 100% and my cpu hit 83c then my pc blue screens. Usually during compiling of shaders upon opening a new project, as it’s counting down from 1000 something but about halfway the count freezes and it crashes. What gives?

Thanks for your reply, you are the only one who has taken the time. I already increased my page pool mem to no aid.

Does it matter that I unchecked all the “Target Platforms” when first installing the engine? None of those are platforms I care for, I just want it for windows PC.

I switch off the target platforms except windows. I would try going to games section and use blueprint First person shooter. If it opens there should be background Compile Shader on a slider in the bottom of UE5 edit screen. If it crashes while just watching the screen then you need the look in the project folder My Project\Saved\Logs inside open the latest in Notepad and go to the bottom few lines will say what the error is and why it crashed. If you cannot understand he lines post them here so we can have a look

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