sg.EffectsQuality breaks SkyLight real time capture

I noticed that changing the “Effects Quality” from high/ultra/cinematic to medium/low, disables the SkyLight entirely.

I initially thought it was the default behavior when playing at those settings and since we’re still early in development i didn’t pay much attention to it. But i noticed that if you change back to high/ultra/cinematic, the SkyLight component is now broken/disabled, as in: not updating or casting any light.

I read the scalability documentation and under Effects - sg.EffectsQuality i tried manually changing the values listed there to essentially achieve the same result, and the issue no longer happened.

This leads me to believe that sg.EffectsQuality changes more than what’s documented. How can i get to the full list of changes the preset makes?

This also highlights a bug with the SkyLight real time capture IMO, since it shouldn’t remain stuck like that. Only way to fix it is to quit the project/game entirely and relaunch. Has anyone else experienced this?


You are correct, this is the result of a bad choice we made at some point. I want to fix this for UE5.
To fix this locally, make sure you have r.SkyLight.RealTimeReflectionCapture 1 for your project set for all level of quality in a scalability file. (or change it in Engine\Config\BaseScalability.ini)