Several spotlights in the scene: lightning overlapping problem for stationary lights

Hi guys,
I have a scene that consists of several spotlights that light up a bunch of hanging red pictures (pratically it is an “art room”).

The space is small and the lights are very close each other, so it is litterally impossible to avoid their intersection. So I have an overlapping problem: some spotlights show a “red cross” above them.

The only solution is to convert these spotlights from “stationary” to “static light”.
But I noticed that this process reduce the quality of the lightning (I prefer the stationary to the static light).

Were there’s a static light I will get weird shadows: as you can see in the picture below, I have a “straight line” in the shadow:

But if I use a stationary light, I will get a more realistic blurred shadow

So, how can I solve this kind of problem?
Imagine a theater, where you can find dozens of spotlights.