Setup a VR Character


I am really new to UE4 and try to do my first project with it. I cannot figure out how to adjust a first person movement in VR. The examples I found are moving to fast (VR demo UE Content Examples and Sun Temple) or the player height is not correct and the VR Headset sticks with the mouse (new ArchVizCharacter). Is there a good tutorial how to setup a character with the recommended settings for speed and player height?

Thank you.

I’ve been toying with VR setup’s myself, mainly adding VR capabilities to a third person character setup. There’s some great tutorials available online to help out though which makes things a little easier. This is probably the two that helped me the most, and

I understand your working with a first person character setup, however if you start with the first person blueprint and use the techniques in these videos you might be able to get the outcome you’re looking for. Speed and Size, if your talking character player attributes should be adjustable via the default blueprint you start out with, ie, First Person blueprint :slight_smile:

they’re old:( didnt work for me