Settingup DOF ue4 24.3

Hi all,

I have been having problems setting up a DOF in my camera.

I would like the foreground Purple crystal and Cabinet to be sharp.

I have defined my Draw debug focus plane untill purple stripe.
So the table and chairs need to be out of focus (Blurred)

How do i set this up correctly?
I don’t want to change my Current Focal Lenght as my shot is fixed.
I have been trying the apperature and Min ? F stop, but i can’t
get the results I was hoping for.

Secondly, or can you also set this up in sequencer?, but this if i wanted to animate the dof. Or do i need to set things up in
postprocess as well. Just wondering now??? Many thanks.

example map berlin flat
I’m still 24.3 not sure if there are any bugs.