Settings Particles to Stay at Max Size before deleting

'm new to using particles in Unreal. I have a force field particle my FPS can spawn by pressing ‘E’ and it sizes up in a given amount of seconds but I’m not sure how to keep it at its max height for a duration of time before sizing down and deleting itself. Where might I find that?

Still having an issue with it?

If using Cascade, one way to do it is to set it in the interpolation graph (lower right of Cascade interface). Set the time amount in the Lifetime module, so say 5 seconds or 10 seconds, and then set the Size change over that time in the Initial Size module. That’s where using the graph is required.

Click the little graph icon in the module tab for Initial Size. In the Initial Size details panel, expand the Distribution option and select FloatConstantCurve. Here’s a link on how to use it:

Remember that to display the curve/graph for a module, click the little green graph icon on the module’s tab (at far right of tab). That sends available curve(s) to the curve / graph editor. For Initial Size, it’s going to show the size over time, with the first value (point 0) being the initial size.