setting up unreal

ok so here we go i am real new to unreal but have wanted to learn it for a long time i am an architectural visualizer and would like to use this great tool for my projects. I am having some problems with the setting up and would like someone to piont me in the right direction. i have installed the unreal studio version but i know i have to install android studio how i need to set this up i am not sure about are there some tutorials. if there is anyone who could help me with this i would be most greatful. I am developing for oculus go and pc

Hello Bendauncey,

A version of CodeWorks is included with your engine at

Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.21\Engine\Extras\AndroidWorks\Win64

This should help you the rest of the way:

Note: “Configure the AndroidManifest for deployment to Gear VR” setting is now called “Configure the AndroidManifest for deployment to Oculus Mobile”

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