Setting up rounds and action points for turn-based game.

Hi all,

I’m new to UE4 and don’t have any other experience with game development.
I’ve started with some Udemy courses and now I’m trying to make something for myself.

At the moment I’m working on a board game like chess, but instead of hitting you can use attacks and spells.
I want to be able to set rounds/turns per team and some kind of action points which a team can spend.
Basically the same system as Hearthstone has.
So in round 1 you’ll get one action point, in round 2 you get 2 etc etc…

What I want is to set the rounds, keep track of the action points a team has and reset and add 1 action point per round.
The cost for each movement and attack will be one action point. When a team has 0 action points left the turn ends and goes to the other team.

I kinda know what I want, but I have no idea where to start with all this.
At the moment I am just able to select my characters and make them move a tile, then the turn switches to the other team.

This is my topic ever on this forum, so if I’m doing something wrong or you have any tips for me. Let me know!



Generally speaking when you want to build a whole game, then start with implementing one specific aspect at a time. So take one specific feature you want and implement it. If you do not know how to implement it, then you could either

(1) maybe you’re lucky and you find a tutorial that is doing exactly what you want

(2) if not, then maybe you find a tutorial that does something close to what you want

(3) if not, then you could either implement a different feature of your game first where you find a tutorial for and expand your knowledge that way, or watch some general tutorials (for example if you want to do a multiplayer game, then you could watch some tutorials on UE and replication)
General learning courses: Unreal Online Learning - Unreal Engine (some of them might not be related to what you need, some might be too in depth / not step by step)

Live training courses are also useful, here they talk about a basic board game Developing with Blueprints and Marketplace assets | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Thank you for the info Chrudimer!
I was already doing what you suggested, but this part feels pretty crucial. I’ll continue with some other parts and try to learn some more step by step.

this is the best tutorial for unreal blueprints and what you need sounds like some simple variables, arithmetic, and some loops/if statements.