Setting Up Materials for Game Asset

Hey guys,

i’ve still big problems to check the material thing. I’ve seen some videos and read some documentations about pbr and so on. In general i think i understood how the stuff work. But iam not able to get my game asset look like how i want to be.

On the pictue below you can see what iam struggling with. As you can see i got a diffuse,spec, normal and ao map out of dDo. I watched all in marmoset and it looked nice. i want to get look in udk too. The middle round part shall look only a bit shiny. The metal and the bolts can shine a little bit more. The wood should look very used old wood. I dont know how to handle . On the right side you see what iam trying but it looks awful.

  1. What steps i’ve to do?
  2. Is my spec map maybe not right set?
  3. I got a gloos map too, but its very simular to the spec one.

I hope you can help a noob step by setp.

Thanks a lot

UE4 uses the roughness/metallic model of PBR and not the specular/gloss model. So you do not want to use your specular/gloss maps. The “Specular” input in the UE4 material is a different thing; it scales specularity on non-metallic surfaces, but the docs suggest it is not needed for most cases.

Your metallic value should be either 1 or 0. Paint white for everything that should be metallic (like the outer rim and the metal spikes), and leave everything else completely black. Then you want to import that texture and hook it up to metallic. Then your roughness should vary between 0 and 1 which you can either experiment with or look on-line for roughness charts to give you an idea of which values to use (for wood, etc.). Since these are both single-channel maps, I would try to pack them in the alpha channel of your diffuse or AO textures to save loading/sampling a whole other texture.

You want to avoid doing any multiplies in the material, and instead alter your input textures. Any operations you perform in the material will happen every frame for each pixel so it will eat up precious GPU cycles needlessly.

Here is a good article on PBR in UE4 to read through that goes over what CaptainScience explained in even more detail:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: