setting up Foilage 4.8 (Lighting crash)


I have question regarding foliage or the new procedual approach. For some reason I can’t seem to build my lighting.

I have imported my mesh with some LOD’s. Do you need to set LOD group to Foilage? (see .pic 1)
Do I perhaps need to set my lightmapRes from 64 to 8, or 4? What else do you setup?

At pic2. I have added my Foilage meshes is this something I need to watch out for based on my PC specs?
1.148k is bloulder mesh very LP, the others 187 and 10.

At pic3. Log error. What can be causing this lightmap crash?

Many Thanks,

You are running out of memory. Reducing lightmap resolution and increasing virtual memory may help but still, it’s best to use dynamic lighting for large open environments.

Thanks so much!! I have switched to dynamic lighting. Do you stil need change ini files… such as… to disable staticlighting.
or is much easier in 4.8 now!! ?

r.LightPropagationVolume = 1

Its not baking any lighting anymore with ligthmass, so I think its working. Do you perhaps know when you need to set the LOD group
to foilage… (see.pic1)
Thanks decorix

You dont need to change any .ini files to disable static lighting. Just enable Force No Precomputed Lighting in World Settings, and disable Allow Static Lighting in Project Settings > Rendering if you aren’t going to use any static lighting in your project at all.
About LOD Groups, if you havent imported any LOD’s for your mesh(which doesnt look like you have) i dont think you need to worry about it.