Setting up dedicated server for UE 4.27.2

I cannot join the ServerMap when i do open in command line. I follow this tutorial Setting Up Dedicated Servers | Unreal Engine Documentation. Please help me find a solution to this. Im new to Unreal Engine and this took me a lot of time already.

this is the servermap:

… if you have a game window for your dedicated server, then you don’t have a dedicated server. I’m guessing since the window says “Standalone” that you don’t have any kind of a server running. It looks like you’ve just opened the map in a local copy of the game

I did the same as some youtube tutorial, they were using older version of ue4. I don’t really know what is the problem.

I figured out the problem. I shouldn’t have built the project in visual studio. If i don’t build it i can join the Server Map