Setting Up Actual Multiplayer for Third Person BP

Okay, maybe this is dumb…

I’ve gone through the BP Networking tutorials. All fine and good. What I don’t understand though is how can I actually compile the game and have two clients play on separate computers? Or run it straight from the editor, and have it run on two separate computers, I don’t care, its just important that for testing I can actually have two people playing at the same time using two different machines.

I imagine I can’t be the first person asking this question, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Am I missing something? Is there a tutorial for this?


When you have compiled it in the development build, open up the game, open the console and type:
‘open ?listen’

So if you level was called testlevel you would type open testlevel?listen

Then on the other machine you type

'open ’

As an example again, type open

This is just a simple listen server test.

Hey, that worked! Of course when I use an “Open Level” function the players are no longer in the same world… is there a better way to restart a level?

Use the ServerTravel command on the server client to change maps.

Example: ServerTravel MyMap

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