Setting up a character pawn w/ proper Collision

How would one go about setting up a Pawn derived from class APawn with proper collision; one in which it doesn’t fall through the floor? This is the start of myself creating a Pawn that utilizes Steering Behavior using force vectors for movement. What do I do in code to prevent it falling through the ground on placing it into the world and hitting play?

All I have is a simple Capsule Collider as a RootComponent. I tried setting Collision Enabled to Query and Physics and it still falls. Is there another component that needs to be added? I cannot find a real tutorial which sets up a character Pawn via C++ code. Extending through Blueprint advice is also acceptable for me. Thanks.

I also want to mention that this Pawn is meant to be an AI, so eventually I think there will be an AIController on it. would I need to define a custom movement component for the force vectors to apply on it?

Inside the capsule component you need to either use the presets or specify how you want it to interact when colliding. default I believe is overlap all but sounds like you want block all.