Setting transformation has delay?

Hi everyone. I am still a noob in UE coming from a different engine.

I am trying to attach a gamepad model at the start of the game to my motion controller in a VR project.

I managed to do that by getting the transform of the motion controller and setting my component’s position to that in every tick. But it resulted in a delayed motion. It isn’t like they are welded. It is like they are attached by rubber bands.

Can you point me to what I am doing wrong?

Here is my graph:

Here are some screenshots while I am swinging the controller:

The engine updates the pose of the motion controller component mesh just before rendering to minimize latency. It will also update anything attached to the controller, so if you parent the gamepad to the motion controller component in the pawn blueprint, it should follow it properly.

You could also use an Attach Actor to Component, or Attach Component to Component node to do this.

Thank you very much for the explanation.