Setting tint value of camera in bp

I’m trying to alter the tint color of the players camera in blueprint.
I basically take an input, create a set post processing settings, then from that drag the make postProcessSettings, scroll through the list and set the tint value. But then it comes to the end of that node where it has blendables. if I don’t set that it fails to compile, if i just have it make an array. don’t set it to anything, it compiles and the first time i trigger the change it makes the change to just default settings.
So like I have action set to red, action set to blue. But can’t seem to get the tint setting to work. I’ll assume it has to do with the blendable?

Any thoughts, or is there some easier way of doing this?

never mind figured it out. Have to set the override value to true then set the values or it won’t work.