Setting the render target for Scene Capture Cube?

Hi, I am making a glass material for a cutscene, I am faking depth using Fresnel.

Because the reflections on the transparent materials are weak, I want to use a fake reflection instead of the screen capture I am using now. I learned that the Scene capture cube can render to a Cube render target, however after making a cube render target texture I have no idea how to assign it to the Scene Capture Cube.

How do I assign the the texture as a render target for the capture cube, do I need to make a blueprint or is there a setting that I am missing?

  1. Select the (Scene Capture Cube) from (World Outliner) OR your scene.
  2. Select the (Render Target Cube) you have created & drag it to (Texture Target Slot) in the (Scene Capture tab) of the (Scene Capture Cube)
  3. Go back to your (Render Target Cube); double click to open & change the (Size X) you like & save. (max size is 2048)