Setting the framerate of a Google VR game.


I would like to set my own framerate for the deployed project but it seems that Google VR plugin is automatically settings the fps to 60 and I cannot change that despite setting the framerate both from blueprint and project settings.

Is there a way to access the plugin and change the framerate settings of the plugin? I have not found it installed in my engine/project folders however.

Thank you for your time.

I have managed to find the plugin but sadly I still couldn’t find a solution to my problem. I did attempt to add GEngine->SetMaxFPS(30); in different parts of the scripts but to no avail.

60 FPS is the minimum frame rate to not make VR users sick. 90 is a lot better but below 60 makes for uncomfortable experiences.

I understand that and I am aware of the minimum framerate that VR devices need but that was not the answer to my question. I do not plan to release a VR application with less than stellar framerate, but I need to be able to set the framerate in order to test.