Setting the Event Begin Play to execute only on client

Hi, I’ve got a problem: when I spawn an actor with the Event Begin Play, the actor is visible to all clients. I want that the actor is visible only on the client that is spawned.

If I spawn the actor and attach it in a key press event, it works, but with the Event Begin Play, it doesn’t work. How can I make it work?

In this screen you can see what I did:

Hey Scienziatogm-

In the components tab of your blueprint, select the actors mesh and type “Owner” in the search bar of the details panel. Make sure to check the option for “Only Owner See” to have the object appear for the player that spawned it and not show up for any other players.


I already did it for Mesh 1P, but the problem is that the actor of class PistolBP is visible to all players.

Is the mesh associated with PistolBP set to Only Owner See as well?

No, because if I set it to true, I can’t see the mesh attached to the socket.

Just so I’m sure I understand your question, what is the behavior you’re looking for? Are you trying to have the actor associated with PistolBP show up for the client that spawns it but not for other clients? Also, what exactly is Mesh 1P? What components make up the PistolBP actor?

Mesh 1P is a Skeletal Mesh with a socket. I want to spawn an actor with the PistolBP and attach this actor to the Mesh 1P, but since Mesh1P and the actor are for the first person, other players must not see them. Only the player who owns the Mesh 1P must be able to see the PistolBP actor.

Ok, but for this you normaly only need to change the “Only Owner See” bool.

Why again can’t you do this?

Mesh 1P is already Only Owner See, but I need that the actor spawned in the Event Begin Play is visible only to the owner of the Mesh 1P.

Ah, i’m such an idiot sometimes. I meant the Pistol. I don’t know why i posted you the Mesh1P.

This should be what you meant or? I don’t have a PistolBP at the moment, but it should be the same. Use “Get Mesh” with the return value and “Set OnlyOwnerSee” with the returned mesh.

Is this helping? I still don’t know what you meant with

“No, because if I set it to true, I can’t see the mesh attached to the socket.”

Why can’t you see the mesh? The owner should be able to see the Pistol Mesh.

Hm ok, this is weird. So we are as far as tried to help you.

Does this work if you start the game with only 1 Player? Maybe it’s a replication thing.

… I really need to learn more about the basics, so i can help you guys faster… grr

I did this, but I can’t see the Pistol in the hand:

No, it doesn’t work. Staff members also don’t know how to reply. :frowning:

Thanks for the help. I really need this to make a good game.
Waiting for a reply from the Staff.

Don’t give up (: will sure look into this question again and with the additional information we got here, he will surely try to help you. I will keep the problem in mind. If i find a solution i will post it.

Solved. I had to use C++ to change the Owner of the actor, so I made my function that can set the Owner in the Blueprints. Anyway thanks for the help.