Setting the bitrate for VoiceCodecOpus?

We’re trying to reduce the bandwidth requirements of our game, and one of the biggest parts seem to be in our usage of the Voice section. \Engine\Source\Runtime\Online\Voice\Private\VoiceCodecOpus.cpp

I’ve noticed that the default appears to be 40 kbps, which sounds fair, but I was wondering if there’s a way to scale it up dynamically in the runtime to as low at 10 kbps (in the case of high congestion for example).

Our use case is in heavily populated areas, where there may be many people all making sounds, but when there’s too many there’s not much point in having them be super-high fidelity (since everyone’s talking all around them anyways). Currently there’s no other way to feasibly reduce bandwidth from that aspect, other than making a man-in-the-middle server to decode and re-encode the opus packets, which is doable but not really desired…