Setting Text in UserInterface Widget Blueprint at Runtime (textbox in button)

Hi all,

i have a little problem.
In my questlog i have a button that displays the required items in a textbox. Then i have a “check”- button to check the requirements. If not the text of the textbox should show what you have.

The picture with the open book shows it. In these case one shield is needed in inventory to complete that quest. So needed stuff is 1xshield. Thats working well.
But now you click on the button “check” (right buttom) then this text should be replace with “1xshield have: 0”.

If i debug the blue print (pic 1) i can see the right text but the text does not change on the gui.

Picture 2 shows my blueprint to handle this. The incoming wire at start is the false condition after clicking on “check” and not all resources are in inventory.

It seems to not update the text or the button with the text (instance problem?).
Where is my mistake. Hope you can help.

Best regards

That text block that says “1x shield”, is it bound to a variable? If so, you can’t change the text of the textbox directly, but need to change the variable.

Thanks ste1nar!
Of corse this was the problem.
I will managed it in other way. But this was in any case the solution - i dont noticed that is the binding is permanent and not only at construction :slight_smile: