Setting collision profiles for physics asset bodies

I want to use the bodies in my character’s Physics Asset as hitboxes by setting them up to use a specific collision profile (or at least generate hit events only for a specific collision channel). I want to do this in C++. I’ve looked through the entire function and variable list, but all I see is EnableCollision(int32 BodyIndexA, int32 BodyIndexB), which doesn’t allow me to specify anything related to channels. (I also don’t get why two indices are passed by the way…)

Is there a way to accomplish this, or a better way to do hitboxes? I do specifically want to know which part of the character was hit, so the PA bodies seemed to be perfect for hitboxes.

UPhysicsAsset does not have those functions. It also does not have functions to get a specific body (or any bodies) as a shape component in order to call those component-only functions with.

SetCollisionResponseToChannel, SetCollisionResponseToChannels and SetCollisionResponseToAllChannels are probably what you are looking for.